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***We have available Maine Coon Kittens!***
Blue smoke Maine Coon sitting next to flowers

Hello, we are Anna and Damian, welcome to Mighty Kitty Maine Coons!

We are small, specialist breeder of pedigree Maine Coons and are based in Buxton, Derbyshire. Our Maine Coon kittens are raised lovingly in our home with our family and many other pets and not in a cattery so they are extremely well socialised.

We have a four star license from the council (the highest star rating you can achieve for a newly licensed business). This means we have passed the higher welfare standards required by the council. Being licensed does not mean we are a kitten farm! It means we have:

  • Shown we have excellent facilities for our cats and kittens through inspection
  • Provided higher standards in housing and enrichment for our cats and kittens
  • Have dedicated and detailed records for cats and kittens right from when they have entered the cattery upto now, including health records for each individual Maine Coon cat and kitten
  • Have extensive vet records and records of any prescribed medicines given
  • Participated in health surveys such as DNA testing and Echocardiagram testing
  • Have shown commitment to the Maine Coon breed through evidence of CPD and training
  • Have detailed socialisation and enrichment programs in place for our cats and kittens
  • Provided owners with extensive information on what to expect and how to care for their kitten (an 80 page manual) along with other documentation

As part of our council licensing (and as part of the Five Freedoms) we have produced enrichment, welfare and socialisation routines for all of our Maine Coon cats and kittens, we also use the Early Neurological Stimulation system to improve our Maine Coon kittens resistance to stress and disease. Our twelve week socialisation program includes habituation to multiple household (and non household noises such as fireworks etc), bathing and grooming procedures including mouth play to get them used to teeth cleaning, introducing various textured surfaces to walk on, different types of cat litter, different animals in the household, getting them used to carriers and short travel journeys, harness training (if requested by new owners), different types of litter boxes, puzzles feeders and scratching posts.

We are also proud members of the GCCF Responsible Breeders scheme and have undergone an inspection this year. We are pleased to say that we passed with no advisories , we are only the 2nd Maine Coon breeder in the UK to have been inspected under the new system.

Membership of the GCCF Responsible Breeders scheme

Our Maine Coon kittens come from fantastic European, Russian and British Lines. We have been careful to choose genetically healthy parents who also display popular main coon characteristics including well defined muzzles, large ear size and good size lynx tips amongst other Maine Coon characteristics.

Our aim is to breed Maine Coons who are healthy, loving and beautiful examples of the breed, and in case you were wondering - they are all named after characters in some of ours and our children's favourite animated films by Studio Ghibli!

Thank you so much for visiting our site, take a look at some of our wonderfully Mighty Maine Coons and please do get in touch if you have any questions!


Our Maine Coon Cattery is registered With TICA, GCCF And Fife

We are also fully licensed and insured

   Maine Coon kittens come with pedigree and registration kitten on cushion black smoke maine coon impressive muzzle Black silver tortie Maine Coon Girl sitting on a comfy bed  

Your Maine Coon kittens come with a great pedigree and 4 generation certification

Council Licensed and Insured

We health test our Maine Coons

  Your Maine Coon kittens will also come with a comprehensive manual and kitten pack We are a responsible breeder with the GCCF, we have also been inspected for our licence. We have full public liability insurance Our cats are DNA tested for hereditary Maine Coon diseases. Our male has also been echocardiagram tested  

Our Cat Qualifications, Certification And Licensing


Why Choose A Mighty Kitty Maine Coon?

  Here at Mighty Kitty we have spent a considerable amount of time learning about cat physiology, behaviours, appropriate care and monitoring, enrichment regimes and animal welfare legislation. We are proud to have achieved a Level 3 Diploma in Cattery Management (amongst other qualifications). We are always trying to improve on our knowledge of cat care. We are part of the Breeder Scheme with the GCCF, and have applied to be a Centre of Excellence with TICA. We have also achieved a 4 star licence on our first application (the highest a new breeder can achieve).
Cattery and Kennel Management Level 3 Diploma Level 3 Diploma and Cattery and Kennel Management
Covering Behaviour, Care, Management, Welfare Legislation, Infection Control, Handling And Transportation
Level 3 Diploma in Animal Management
Including Implementing Plans For Health And Welfare, Interpreting Animal Behaviour, Planning Diets & Feeding Regimes, Plan ,Monitor And Evaluate Feeding And Accomodation Of Animals
pawpeds cat care qualification level 1
Cat Care And Breeding (On waiting list to start level 2)
First Aid and cpr Certificate
First Aid Techniques For A Variety Of Species
Microchip implanter training certificate Certified, Trained Microchip Implanter for small animals
Fife Cattery Certificate Fife Cattery Registration GCCF Prefix  mighty kitty GCCF Cattery Registration
Tica cattery certificate for Mighty Kitty Maine Coons TICA Cattery Registration Code of Ethics TICA Code of Ethics
GCCF BREEDER scheme logo GCCF Responsible Breeder Council Licence for Mighty Kitty
License To Own, Breed And Sell Pedigree Main Coons
To see our current Maine Coon kitten litters please go to the availability page.
  Black smoke with white Male Maine Coon with wonderful ears Black silver Maine Coon Male Orange Maine Coon Male sitting on pet bed tortoiseshell male maine coon  
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