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Stunning main coon kitten silver grey kitten with flower

Welcome to Mighty Kitty Maine Coons Blog

We hope to post regular updates of our Maine Coons on here as well as our facebook page


  cat drinking   Haru Maine Coon   silver male maine coon  
5 reasons why your cat should drink water including reliable methods to improve intake
Haru has been spayed and is looking for her retirement home
Totoro and Therru are expecting!
  5th February 2024   3rd February 2024   20th January 2024  
All cats need to drink water for their health and wellbeing, but this can sometimes be easier said than done. Follow our tips for keeping your Mighty Kitty hydrated.
Our beautiful queen Haru has had her final litter and is looking forward to retirement . We will be looking for a 5 star home for her (a good home is more important than any price).
Totoro and Therru are expecting kittens in February, look out for updates on our availability page.
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  sophie with her maine coon kittens   black silver tortie girl    
Lovely news, Sophie's litter just born
Aiea Mighty Kitty to stay with us
Noria Mighty Kitty to stay with us
  19th January 2024   1st December 2023   23rd November 2023  
Totoro and Sophie have had a litter of seven beautiful kittens!
From when she was small we knew Aiea (now Ponyo) had to stay with us as a future queen.
It was a very difficult decision as all of Haru's girls in her last litter were so beautiful, but we finally decided on Noria (now Hiromi).
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  Orange maine coon kitten near me   Large blue maine coon stud boy with tongue out   Maine Coon Parents of an expected litter in November  
Lovely News - Maine Coon kittens just born!
Meet our new Maine Coon stud boy - Kohaku River
Kiki and Totoro are expecting kittens
  17th September 2023   20th September 2023   23rd September 2023  
Totoro and Haru have just had a litter of five beautiful Maine Coon kittens, 4 girls and one boy. We hope to keep one back from this litter before Haru retires.
  Meet our lovely new stud boy, Kohaku River. Kohaku is from Magnificent Maine Coons and is of Italian and Hungarian lineage.   Kiki is expecting her 2nd litter of Maine Coon kittens with Totoro in November 2023, hopefully all being well.  
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More Maine Coon info coming soon!


To see our current Maine Coon kitten litters please go to the Maine Coon kittens available page

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